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Hardwood Fitting

Wood Floor Fitting, Installation and Preparation Service

At BP Carpets we are passionate about wood flooring. Our company works closely with wood flooring manufacturers in UK and Europe ensuring we bring you the best quality flooring at truly competitive prices. We offer a FREE wood flooring survey and estimating service throughout London while giving you genuinely impartial advice. When it comes to laying or installing wood flooring, our passion and enthusiasm is second to none. With BP Carpets, no job is too big or too small for our wood floor installers. Collectively, our team has over 75 years experience in providing the perfect floor finish in domestic and commercial wood floors.

Our friendly fitting team is vastly experienced in fitting wooden floors in a wide range of properties including: London penthouse flats, suburban houses, cottages, barn conversions, schools, churches, offices, pubs, restaurants and other public places.  


methods of wood fitting


Click: This is a glueless method, typical for installations for thinner engineered floors and laminates. Each plank connects to the neighbouring ones through a locking profile, which secures the planks in place without the need of adhesives. As the planks are not bonded directly to the sub-floor, laying an underlay for additional sound insulation or damp-proofing can be of extra great benefit.

Tongue & Groove: Each plank connects to the others through grooves and tongues, much like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This method allows installation of flooring planks with a thickness of 18 mm and over.


Using professional adhesives can sometimes be the only way of laying wooden flooring. FlooringFirst uses high-quality flexible glues for application on concrete or in areas where pipes can be present below. This method is appropriate for parquet blocks fitting or mosaics, and patterned panels.


The name says it all. What it does not mention is that there is no trace of any nails visible for the eye, as they are placed below the surface of the plank in an angle of 45 degrees, pushing the plank down and backwards to the previous row. Using nails to fasten the planks is advisable for hardwood with a thickness of 18 mm and over.


The installation method used will depend on a range of factors including but not limited to: Type of joint, type of sub-floor, moisture content, and underfloor heating. Wood floors can be installed using floated method, Secret Nailing, or Gluing. In general, solid wood should be glued or installed using secret-nailing, whilst engineered wood are typically floated. The presence of underfloor heating limits the type of wood floor that can be installed, and also the installation method. Engineered wood above 15mm will generally require gluing down if fitted over underfloor heating. 

A very important aspect of floor installation is the expansion gap. Wood being a natural product expands and contract with changes in humidity. A space must be allowed for adequate expansion otherwise the floor will bow-out at some point. An expansion gap of between 10mm and 14mm is allowed around the perimeter of the installed floor. This can be covered either by fitting the skirting on top of the flooring, or by using scotia. Our popular egineered floors are displayed below or you can browse our full wood collection by clicking the link below.

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