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Contract Carpets

BP Carpets offers an extensive range of broadloom and fibre bonded carpets to suit many locations and environments in the working world including Commercial buildings, Offices, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality and Government locations.

A broadloom carpet is woven on a wide loom and carry’s distinct and obvious advantages as they are used to create ‘Area’ carpeting in large rooms whilst keeping seams and joints to a minimum. Our broadloom carpet can be pile woven or loop woven, and it can integrate a wide variety of colours. If the carpet is intended for use within the backing of a broadloom carpet is extremely durable, so that the carpet can withstand day to day hard use. Some of our synthetic broadlooms are designed to be fire resistant to meet regional building regulations.

Fibre bonded carpet and carpet tiles are perfect commercial carpets and ideal for areas of heavy wear and tear. With a wide range of colours and finishes you're sure to find a fibre bonded carpet to meet your needs BP Carpets offers a range of fibre bonded products that are hard wearing and ideally suited to classrooms, corridors, offices and staircases. Most are anti-static and therefore suitable for computer suites.


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